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FleetOZ - An Aurafox Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Product!

Your mobility partner - one place for operations, sales-purchases, billing, support and communication!

Manage Travel

Developed by an experienced team who understands operations intricacies!

  • Create vehicle bookings with minute details of passengers, booker, vehicle-driver, booking supporters
  • Allot your own vehicles or contract to suppliers
  • n-level subcontracting made easy
  • Handle complexities of vehicle groups, duty types, cities, vehicle allocation and tracking with ease!

Communication - the key to quality service

Quality minimal communication to equip all stake holders. Send emails and messages for every required step:

  • Booking confirmation
  • Share pick-up details with driver
  • Share driver details with passenger/booker
  • Contact suppliers
  • Communicate feedback forms

Billing made easy!

Handle complex invoicing cases elegantly!

  • Maintain complex contracts with customers/suppliers including vehicle groups, duty types, cities, allowances
  • Auto-compute costs based on duty slips
  • Generate and communicate invoices to customers
  • Communicate and enable invoicing of no-show cases