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Getting Started

While FleetOZ provides with a lot of features, let's begin our journey with a simple case.

  • When a user signs up without an invitation from an employer, a new business is created.
  • Sign up process involves authenticating with an OTP sent over a text message. On successful OTP verification, the user can log-in. This is a brand new account that needs some setup based on the business case.
  • The navbar has a profile icon at the top right, clicking on which user can navigate to profile settings by clicking the profile menu. User can set his business name in this profile. Note that this is only as a company admin. When employees are added, they'll be able to configure their own name.
  • The navbar has a "Masters" menu, from which the user needs to navigate to "My Companies" and create a company. This is the primary/default company.
  • From the "Masters" menu, the user can add his vehicle groups and drivers. User can then add vehicles in those vehicle groups and associate drivers with those vehicle groups.
  • To be able to add booking, one also need duty types. To get started, add a duty type with "FLAT RATE" from the "Masters" menu - "Duty Types".
  • Now, from the "Duties" menu, by navigating to "Add booking", the user can add a new booking. The booking form has a lot of fields, but for now, let's keep it simple. Just add required fields and submit the form.

🎉 Hurrah! You've successfully added your first booking.